Music Diary 2012 – Saturday

Not much music on Saturday. Well, that’s not necessarily true but most of the music I heard, or put on, was of a purely functional background nature.

I the morning I headed out to the Indian supermarket. On the bus there and back I listened to Deerhunter – Rhapsody Originals. As I mentioned earlier in the week I’ve been on a bit of a Deerhunter binge recently and this live session has been blowing me away. Unfortunately I never managed to catch the band on their most recent tour and the session is mostly drawn from ‘Halcyon Digest’. ‘Desire Lines’ is as epic as one would imagine and is bookended with a ripping run through of ‘Hazel Street’. The highlight of the set is an epic rendition of ‘He Would Have Laughed’ which surpasses the studio version and powerfully demonstrates that when this band is on form they’re as good as anyone going.

Deerhunter – Rhapsody Original (MP3) – Headphones

In the evening some friends came over for dinner. They’re not really too into music so I just had stuff playing on in the background on the Sonos.


Pantha Du Prince – The Bliss (lossless) – Sonos

Beastie Boys – Pauls Boutique (lossless) – Sonos

The Knife – Silent Shout (lossless) – Sonos


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