Music Diary 2012 – Friday

Morning commute

Isis – Oceanic (Spotify) – Headphones

I missed the whole movement of metal bands integrating a Post-Rock ambiance and mentality into their music because it seemed to happen at a point when I’d become adverse to anything that got called Post-Rock. Isis seem to be the pick of the bunch though and I’ve really enjoyed the two or three albums of theirs I’ve bought.

Commute home

Gizzly Bear – Veckatimest (Spotify) – Headphones

After listening to Daniel Rossen’s EP earlier in the week I’d been craving some Gizzly Bear. They’ve promised a new album this year and if it’s anywhere near the quality of ‘Vekatimest’, which I’m sure it will be, it’ll be guaranteed regular rotation by me.

Evening listening

Silver Jews – Starlite Walker (Vinyl) – Hi-Fi

Random choice, as with all the LP’s this evening. I tried to pick out stuff I haven’t heard in a while. I have a few Silver Jews albums. I really enjoyed the first one I bought ‘American Water’ and picked up a few more on the back of that. Their debut ‘Starlite Walker’ has emerged as my favourite. Probably the most Stephen Malkmus (Pavement) heavy of the ones I’ve listened to.

Belle and Sebastian – If You’re Feelings Sinister (Vinyl) – Hi-Fi

I hadn’t listened to this in years. Listening to it I was surprised by how much the aped the rockier ‘Foggie Notion’ side of the Velvets almost as much as the twee ‘Stephanie Says’ sound.

Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker (Vinyl) Hi-Fi

Another one I haven’t heard in years. I’ve always through Ryan Adams has as classic LP in him but he’s never really fulfilled that potential for me. ‘Heartbreaker is as close as he got.

Elliot Smith live bootleg (CD) – Hi-Fi

Elliot Smith covers of ‘Don’t Think Twice’ (Dylan), ‘For No One’ (The Beatles), ‘These Days’ (Nico) and ‘Supersonic’ (Oasis) – (MP3) – Hi-Fi

The melancholy of Heartbreaker resulted in my listening to a beautiful Elliot Smith bootleg that I have from just before he killed himself. It’s always tragic to hear music that so clearly prefigures a death and many of the songs in the set, most of which later came out on the posthumous release ‘From a Basement on the Hill’, are haunting in how autobiographical they are. ‘Twlight’ in particular is a harrowing, close to the bone portrait of drug addiction, depression and how even a bit of hope and potential can sometimes not be enough for someone to find a will to survive. After listening to the bootleg I browsed around a folder I have of Elliot Smith covering various other bands and artists ranging from obvious artistic kinship’s like Dylan, The Beatles and Nico to surprise choices like Oasis ‘Supersonic’ which he introduces with the a plea to the audience asking no one to be pissed off for him playing it.


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