John Talabot – Fin

John TalabotfIN (2012) Permanent Vacation

I finished my first listen to the much discussed John Talabot’s recently released ‘fIN’ moments ago. Talabot is one of many contemporary electronic musicians, The Field and Blondes come to mind as other examples, who’s music is perhaps better experienced during the stale repetitiveness of the all too familiar bus journey home after a day at work than in a club. Opener ‘Depak Ine’ is the longest song on the album and throughout the course of its seven minutes Talabot builds from a minimalist sound collage of rain forest noises into a dark electro dirge which gently blossoms into flute laden choir song bliss with apparent ease. Talabot’s use of a wide range of different vocal contributions and samples throughout the album result in ‘fIN’ achieving a sense of fresh variety while maintaining a relative cohesiveness in terms of overall sound. Daydream music it may be but nonetheless a striving for euphoria unique to the dancefloor abounds and ‘When The Past Was Present’ in particular evokes images of a packed club with hands in the air in a way that will inspire sentimentality in many.



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